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Cake Flavors & Pricing

Cake Flavors                   Specialty Cake Flavors                  Cake & Cupcakes Fillings and Frosting **          

• Vanilla                                   • Pound cake                                   • Buttercream flavors (Vanilla or Chocolate)

• Chocolate fudge                  • Carrot                                            • Cream cheese frosting

• Chocolate almond               • Pina' Colada                                  • Raspberry filling

• Lemon                                   • Pumpkin Spice                             • Strawberry filling

• Red velvet                                                                                       • Lemon

• Spice cake                                                                                      • Specialty Whipped(Vanilla or Chocolate)

• Strawberry lemonade                                                                   • Fondant (additional charges apply)

• Chocolate chip                                                                               • Egg Nog

• Yellow                                                                                               

**Fillings other than plain buttercream are an additional charge per serving.

Please Note: Certain custom/sculpted/3D cakes require a denser cake to support the structure; therefore, not all flavors/fillings work with all cakes. Recommendations can be made during consultation. All fondant cakes are frosted with creamy and a smooth Swiss meringue buttercream frosting, then covered in a thin layer of rolled fondant for a sleek smooth look. Fondant is a sugar dough icing that has a light taste of vanilla. Fondant may be eaten or simply peeled off.


I specialize in custom cakes of all kinds. My cakes are not your average grocery store or discount warehouse club cakes. All of my work is hand-crafted and customized to your specific request. Each cake is baked fresh for your special order. Cakes are priced on a per cake basis. 

Check out our specials**

Basic Dessert Cakes *                       

Starting prices for cakes:

Basic flavors : are about 6" ($54.00),  8" (100.00), 9" ($108.00), 10" ($171.00)

Specialty Flavors : 6" ($66.00), 8" (120.00), 9" ($130.00), 10" ($200.00)

*Tricee's Treat Celebration special*

9x13, Decorated sheet cake $70.00 & up. Comes w/ 1 doz cupcakes 

The final cost of your cake is determined by many factors including: serving size, cake flavor, amount of tiers, fillings, complexity of design, time consuming details, toppers and whether fondant and/or gumpaste is used and how much is used.

Custom Celebration Cakes *

Cakes are priced on a per cake basis and start at $7.00 per slice, please contact me for pricing and availability details.

Wedding Cakes*

Cakes are priced on a per cake basis and start at $8.00 per slice, please contact me for pricing and availability details.


Regular sized cupcakes with buttercream frosting (includes sprinkles and sanding sugars)

Minimum order is one dozen (12) cupcakes for $25.00 

Regular sized cupcakes with buttercream frosting w/ fondant decorative topper

Minimum order is one dozen (12) cupcakes for $50.00 

Specialty cupcakes with fillings, fruit toppings, and or whipped frosting for $30.00(No decor)

Minimum order is one dozen (12) cupcakes for $30.00

Adult/ Drunken Cupcakes (infused w/ alcohol) for $45.00

Minimum order is one dozen (12) cupcakes for $45.00 

*If you have a specific vision and theme, but your budget is standing in the way of the extraordinary. Please allow me to work with you to find reasonable alternatives, to make your vision a beautiful and tasty reality!

Retaining my services

Reservations are taken on a first come first served basis. A 50% deposit of your total order is required to reserve the date for all treats. My calendar books up quickly so be sure to call and make your reservation for your date as soon as possible.  If Wedding cakes require minimum $100 non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-negotiable deposit. Your order is not confirmed until I have received your required deposit; final payment (balance) is due 30 days prior to event.

+*All prices subject to change